Dive into Safe Waters: How Custom Swim Molds Protect Swimmers

Swimming is not just a fun family activity in the summer and on vacation. It has a long history, dating back to 2500 BC in Egypt and records of cave swimming from the Stone Age. Swimming is also great for exercise and overall health. It strengthens the heart and lungs, lowers stress and depression, and can reduce inflammation.  

But did you know that swimming may also adversely impact your hearing? Don’t worry, with custom swim molds you can protect your ears and hearing.  

Understanding the Risks of Water and Hearing Loss 

Swimmer’s Ear is a common condition and is a term used to describe an infection in the skin of the outer ear caused by too much moisture in the ear.  If left untreated, this infection can become severe leading to fever, pain and changes in hearing.  

Some signs and symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear to be aware of include: 

  • Itching inside your ear 
  • Discomfort when pulling on your ear 
  • Drainage from your ear 
  • Feeling of fullness in your ear 
  • Muffled hearing 
  • Swelling around your ear and neck 
  • Fever 

If you think your or a loved one is experiencing Swimmer’s Ear, it’s important to seek treatment quickly. When caught early, the infection can be treated with drops prescribed by a physician, and you can avoid uncomfortable symptoms.  

Water left in the ear after swimming or even long showers can also cause tinnitus or a ringing in the ear. It’s important to thoroughly dry your ears after being in the water for a long time for hearing loss prevention. However, the best tool for avoiding Swimmer’s Ear are swim molds.  

The Importance of Customization 

Just like fingerprints, the shape of your ear and ear canal is specific to your body, so it is important to work with an audiologist like ours at Newtown Hearing Center. Custom swim molds create a water-tight seal that prevents water from entering the ear, while over the counter swim molds may let water seep in with a more “one-size fits all” concept.  Custom swim molds are made of a high-quality waterproof and floatable silicone material.   

Custom swim molds have a longer shelf life than ones you can purchase at the pharmacy; you can use them for several months or even a year depending on your age. Children’s ears change more rapidly as they grow, whereas adult’s ears usually remain consistent in size and therefore might be able to use the same set of custom swim molds for many years.  Custom swim molds can also be disinfected and cleaned between uses, which promotes ear health and hygiene.  

The Newtown Hearing Center Advantage 

Our caring team can quickly and comfortably take impressions of your ears and then turn those models into swim molds that are specifically made to fit your ears. Newtown Hearing Center will ship the impressions off to the manufacturer, so they are fabricated specifically for you.  It can take approximately one to two weeks to make your custom swim molds.      

We can also answer any of your questions and give you additional tips for hearing loss prevention and post-swimming habits to keep your ears dry and healthy. If you are considering custom swim molds for yourself or a loved one, contact Newtown Hearing Center today. We’d love to meet you and help you enjoy swimming more comfortably.