Personalized Tinnitus Treatment Options at Newton Hearing: A Ray of Hope for Those Affected

If you have a persistent ringing in your ear that no one else can hear, you may be experiencing tinnitus. The condition can be quite frustrating and is a common problem, especially for adults. Tinnitus is most commonly an internal condition or subjective – meaning the sound tinnitus sufferers hear comes from one’s own body and not an external source. It may be related to loud noise exposure such as attending a loud concert, hearing loss, an ear injury, issues with circulation or possibly a side effect of a medication. Tinnitus varies from person to person, which is why personalized tinnitus treatment options provided by Newtown Hearing Center in Johns Creek offer hope and relief for individuals living with tinnitus. 

The Importance of Personalization in Tinnitus Treatment 

Personalized treatment for tinnitus is very important because the symptoms present differently for each patient. The type of noise heard ranges from ringing to clicking to humming to buzzing. The pitch – whether the sound is low or high – varies from person to person with tinnitus. Some people may perceive the sound in one ear and, for others, tinnitus may be perceived in both ears.  For some patients, the sound can be loud, interfering with the ability to focus on external sounds. Additionally, tinnitus symptoms may be constant or have a “come and go” cycle. With so many variables, seek tinnitus treatment from an audiologist who can help address your underlying causes, determine the tinnitus treatment options and tools that will work best for you.  

Comprehensive Tinnitus Evaluation at Newtown Hearing 

Our caring and knowledgeable team will ask you a series of questions and you will undergo a hearing evaluation.  We want to understand you and your tinnitus, so that we can analyze your situation holistically.  We use a variety of screening and clinical diagnostic methods to identify individual needs in a comfortable environment. The evaluation process is done in one appointment, so that the Newtown Hearing Center team can get you on the road to higher quality of life as quickly as possible.   

Customized Sound Therapy Solutions 

One of the personalized tinnitus treatment options available at Newtown Hearing Center is sound therapy. This term refers to the use of pleasant or calming sounds that diminish the presence of tinnitus; brownian or white noise, ocean sounds and fractal tones are examples that are commonly used in sound therapy for tinnitus. We will customize your sound therapy treatment based on the pitch, frequency and type of noise of your tinnitus. Over time, sound therapy may help retrain the brain to control the reaction to the tinnitus, so that you can live life to its fullest. 

Hearing Aids and Tinnitus Management 

Since nearly 90% of patients with tinnitus also experience hearing loss, another personalized tinnitus treatment offered at Newtown Hearing Center is the use of hearing aids. Tinnitus is often the brain’s way of trying to correct the regions of the ear where changes in your hearing may have occurred and the result are the noises that you perceive in your ear.  Properly fit hearing aids may offer tinnitus relief for many people.  Providing relief from the internal sound of tinnitus in this way takes personalized care and some trial and error but can be extremely effective and beneficial to people living with tinnitus.  

If you or a loved one is seeking personalized treatment for tinnitus in Johns Creek, schedule an appointment with Newtown Hearing Center today!